Best Beaches Paxos. The finest of the Ionian

Best Beaches Paxos-Monodendri
Don't get dazzled by the beauty and number of beaches that Paxoi/Paxos have to offer. I'm here to help you decide which beaches are for you by listing all of Paxos best beaches

Welcome to my Paxos Best Beaches post.

I visited Paxos in August 2020 with my family when I had the privilege to visit all of Paxos and Antipaxos beaches.

In this post, you will find:

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Paxos beaches: Tips & Location

Good to know

Did you know that Paxos has a sister island called Antipaxos?

Well, it does, and they are both called Paxoi, which is plural for Paxos.

In Greek, we say Paxoi when we refer to both, but I hear a lot of foreigners call them both Paxos, which is inaccurate.

Now, both islands boast amazing beaches, and you should visit them all.

And since Antipaxos, which is the smaller of the two and the southern one, has very little accommodation, you will need probably to organize a boat ride to get there.

Paxos beaches: Type

Paxos has many stunning beaches to offer, all of them with mid-sized pebbles and crystal clear azure-blue waters.

You will not find sandy beaches on Paxos.

If sand is what you are looking for, then you should look at the other side of Greece, at the Aegean.

The majority of Paxos beaches have an easy-to-walk-on pebble while some a large one that is difficult to walk on.

Also, keep in mind that umbrellas cannot be anchored on pebble beaches, so you should look into a tent for your shading.

Paxos beaches: Location

Most of Paxos beaches are located on the east coast of the island, the one that is facing Greece’s mainland.

Thus, they provide calmer waters, and they are a safer bet when it is windy.

The eastern side beaches are easily accessible by car, and you might have to walk slightly for some, like Kipiadi beach, for instance.

Many beaches on Paxos do not have organized facilities, and some do not even have a single tree for shade, so it is a good idea to be equipped with an umbrella if you would like to explore them all.

Antipaxos Beaches: Location

As I mentioned earlier, Antipaxos is only reached by sea.

As such, in order to get here, you have to organize your trip by boat.

You have two options; first one would be to get a ride with one of the many seamen who will transport you to Antipaxos and back for about 15€ both ways.

And second to rent a small private boat starting from 80€/day (excluding gas).

The option is yours but if you are more than 2 people, then the second option is much better because this way you can move around the beaches.

And trust me, it is really worth it.

The best beaches on paxoi islands

Paxos best beaches

1. Monodendri beach

Paxos best beaches
The right side of Monodendri beach is the calmest

A beautiful beach that offers it all and will make everybody in your group happy.

Natural shade, sunbeds & umbrellas if you wish, restaurants, bars, crystal clear waters, and calm waters.

Oh, did I mention easy car access and parking?

Monodendri beach is one of paxos best beaches for families

Truly, this beach is a true have-it-all beach, and it is the one where we spent most of the days when we visited.

To your left, the Northern part of this beach, Ben’s bar is very popular amongst British tourists.

Ben offers free stand-up boards, bar and food service, and sunbeds.

Monodendri seaside restaurant
Monodendri beach restaurant at the center of the beach

In the middle of the beach, there is a cozy and nicely serviced restaurant with a pool.

And to your right, so to the South, friendly Glyfada beach resort offers sunbeds, a restaurant, and a free shower.

2. Marmari beach

Marmari beach of Paxos
Visit Marmari with a motorboat to get this view

Marmari beach is another incredible beach that could be the best beach of Paxos.

Contrary to Monodendri this beach has no facilities.

Purely stunning waters, serenity, and calmness inside a forest of olive trees.

Make sure to bring drinks and food because you will have to park your car about 150m (490ft) from the beach and follow a rough dirt road descend.

But, let me assure you that it is all worth it.

3. Kipiadi beach

Kipiadi beach Paxos. Best Greek Islands
Enjoy crystal clear waters and no crowds at Paxos beaches

When we talk about remote, wild, and untouched, then we probably think of Kipiadi beach of Paxos.

Nested in a large but secluded, East facing bay,

Kipiadi will dazzle you with its untouched beauty.

To me, it felt like you are in remote Asia or similar because there are hardly and structures visible.

However, be warned that there is no inch of natural shade and that the parking is scarce, and you still have to descend 75m (250ft) of tall rocky steps to get there.

4. Erimitis beach

Paxos best beaches. Erimitis beach
We arrived to Erimitis with those two small motorboats you see in the back

Erimitis beach of Paxos is a must-see attraction of Paxos. Hands down.

That is, IF you are willing to descend the last 10 minutes of (Himalaia style) very steep descend.

And the hard road before that and the scarcity of parking.

You are much better off renting a small motor-boat to get to Erimitis beach, though.

Stunning Erimitis beach. Paxos. Best Greek Islands
This is your view of the stairs leading to Erimitis as seen from a motorboat

The motorboat prices start from 80€/day and it is worth the money even if it is just to visit this particular beach because it is simply INCREDIBLE.

It will give you this WOW effect, and you will not want to leave.

So bring a lot of water, an umbrella (and a pair of new knees if you decide to drive there).

Erimitis is for many people right on the top of Paxos Best Beaches

5. Levrechio beach

Paxos best beaches. Levrechio beach
One more great beach to visit with an adjacent restaurant.

If you are staying close to Loggos then Levrechio is probably a beach that you will be visiting a lot.

Walking distance from Loggos, although the beach itself does not offer this WOW effect, it will do the job.

Consider a huge benefit the fact that a restaurant is right behind, Bouloukos taverna.

Paxos best beaches. Bouloukos taverna
Levrechio has a nice seaside taverna. Make sure to book in advance during high season

On the downside, there is a small dirt road that passes just in between the taverna and Levrechio beach, and even though the traffic is infrequent, it can be slightly irritating.

6. Mongonissi beach

Now, if beach service is what you are looking for and you don’t mind sacrificing water clarity and pureness, then head to Mongonissi beach.

Nested in the secluded waters of Ozia bay, this beach has a beach bar, a descent waterfront restaurant, and a dock where you can tie your boat.

If you are not a boater, I would not recommend this beach simply because the trade-off on water quality is not worth it.

7. Stafiucha beach on Paxos

Best Greek Islands. Paxos. Stafiucha beach

Great little beach to the South of Gaios and an excellent option if you do not want to drive to the north of the island for Monodendri or Marmari.

You will have to park on the road, which can be tricky; however, just follow the example of the others and try not to block the street curves.

You will walk a narrow and very short path down to the beach and usually be clotted with others.

But it is all good as you are in Paxoi 🙂

8. Plakes beach

Plakes is conveniently located close to Gaios town.

This is not really a beach, rather more of a place to jump from to the water.

As the name implies, Plakes (“rock slabs”) expect to find refreshing waters and little sitting area right on the slabs.

This place is popular to the young crowd.

9. Avlaki beach

If you have extra days and if you have visited all the above beaches of Paxos, then why not search further, right?

Well, Avlaki could be for you, given you do not mind the rough access.

Avlakia beach is located on the West side of Paxos inside a minuscule bay.

It offers stunning clear waters and few crowds at the expense of ease of access and proximity.

10. Gianas beach

Best Beaches Paxos. Gianas beach
Enjoy a quick swim next to town at Gianas

You don’t want to go to Gianas beach unless you have to.

Well, not exactly but almost.

You see, the thing is that this beach is the closest to Gaios town, so it tends to get REALLY packed.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a quick swim and are either without a car or on a boat, Gianas beach could be an option for you.

Pick the day and time carefully, and you might be able to find a piece of beach to put your beach bag.

Antipaxos Best Beaches

1. Voutoumi beach

Voutoumi Antipaxos. Best Greek Islands
Stunning waters and empty beaches await you if you arrive early on Voutoumi

This one could be the most famous beach in the entire Paxoi.

Stunning turquoise waters resembling blue lagoon and white seabed attract visitors from all around the world.

There is an excellent taverna right on the beach too.

To enjoy Voutoumi of Antipaxos best, rent a small motorboat, and visit the earliest you can.

Antipaxos best beaches. Voutoumi beach
Voutoumi beach by motorboat

Unless you visit before early June and after mid-September, the small bay gets flooded with tourists arriving by all types of sea transport.

Not only via small motorboats and sailing boats, large yachts too; and after 10am via day cruise ships arriving from Corfu, Parga, and Sivota.

I’m not saying that it is not worth to visit by no means.

Just know that there are so many more incredible beaches on Paxoi, and you should spend a day at Voutoumi and then move on to more.

Vrika beach

Vrika beach is where you will be dropped off if you choose to arrive by sea transport.

This is a nice beach but will serve you probably for a quick swim before you head off to exploring more beaches on Antipaxos.

Mesovrika beach

Mesovrika beach, an easy 3minute walk, is probably the most secluded beach you can access on a day trip, and I would advise you to go there if you see large crowds on Voutoumi.

Some people prefer this beach over all Antipaxos beaches too.

Kolpos Antipaxoi

Best beaches of Antipaxos
Secluded waters to be found on the other side of Voutoumi

If you decide to rent a motorboat, then head to the other side of Voutoumi and be rewarded with much fewer crowds.

Depending on the wind direction, here you might find calm protected waters too.

What about yourself, what are your favorite beaches of Paxoi?

Share below; the other readers and I are looking forward to read all about it.

Andonis was born in Athens and has lived extensively on the Greek island of Aegina. He is a passionate Greece advocate and loves talking about her beauties. Every single summer, he travels with his family to the islands and discovers new hidden spots, the likes of which Greece has in abundance.


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