Amorgos. The island with the deepest blue waters

The Deep blue of Amorgos
Have you ever wondered which Greek island has the deepest, most fascinating blue color waters? Read this GURU island review to find out Amorgos's best secrets. Read along as I share my personal experience on where to swim, where to stay, when is the best time to go, how to get to this stunning island and more.


Hello all, and welcome to this Amorgos island review.

This magical island is so unique and untouched, like few in Greece.

This is, I would say, partly due to its remoteness but also due to the desire of the locals to keep it authentic.

My goal is to provide a description of the island with local tips and suggestions so that you might consider including Amorgos in your next Greek Island vacations.

Expect to find topics such as:

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Amorgos deep blue waters
The dazzling deep blue waters of Amorgos

Meet the deepest blue waters on earth

Amorgos is considered to be the island with the deepest blue on the entire Aegean Sea, and I dare to say even WORLD.

Yes, you heard me right.

And it’s not just me saying that, but you will hear this everywhere in Greece.

The deep blue color has probably something to do with the sea bed color and the consistency of salt and minerals that produce this deep, captivating blue.

In fact, did you know that the free-diving movie, Le Grand Bleu, from 1988 with Jean Reno and Rosanna Arquette was partly filmed on Amorgos?

All the sea scenes were shot at the deep blue waters of this magical island.

Check out some representative clips:

The sea and snorkeling are out of this world

So, How is the water really like?

What will strike you first and foremost is the intense blue color and the underwater visibility.

On our visit to Amorgos, my wife and I spent endless hours just being in the water with snorkeling gear…the feeling is priceless and honestly difficult to put into words.

The water really feels pure and full of minerals… simply perfect!

You guys have to go and see this for yourself, I’m sorry I can’t do better lol.

But, be warned, you are in for a treat.

The water temperature is relatively cool, about 19-24°C (66-75°F).

Check out for more in depth information about water temperature.

What else is special about Amorgos?

Scenic views at Amorgos
Breathtaking views at the Eastern cost of Amorgos


The nature is gorgeous, totally unspoiled, with mostly classic Greek, dry-rocky terrain.

Beaches are of all types: pebbled, rocky and sandy.

Most of the beaches are free of sun-beds and, except for some weeks at the beginning of August, pretty uncrowded.

Did I mention the epic sunsets? Here is one in July.

Sunset on Amorgos
Sunset from Kalotaritissa beach, July 2013

Amorgos's authentic food

You will find excellent food, authentic, and very well priced.
Locally caught fish, Greek salads, goat cheeses…

For who-ever is into goat meat, you will be pleasantly surprised because it’s the islands culinary delicacy.

The locals prepare goat in all kinds of delicious ways, my favorite was the stew… yummy!

Oh, and the island is actually full of goats.

Geography & location

This hidden treasure is one more island of the Cyclades, and is located to the East of Koufonisia and Naxos.

Amorgos is a long stretched island, with 126km2 of area, (compared to the 100km2 of Mykonos and the 76km2 of Santorini).

Amorgos's size is in between mykonos and paros

It is pleasantly underdeveloped with basically one main road going from one side to the other.

On the southern point, at the end of the road, you will find the beach of Kalotaritissa, which is one of my favorites for its remoteness and secludedness.

On the northern point, there is Aegiali, one of the main villages.

It is a 41km (25mi) stretch from one side to the other, with some scenic views all along the way.

If you are interested in the beaches, check out the best beaches in Amorgos section.

Goats of Amorgos
Hi there goat

The main habitats of Amorgos are goats

Indeed, prepare to see sooo many goats, as you would probably see cats on other Greek islands.

In fact, the goats live freely and have become so many that the municipality actually encourages hunting them down.

Other than the goats, the relatively mid-sized island has two picturesque villages where one can stay.

Where to stay on Amorgos

Ferries arrive in Amorgos on one of the two ports, Katapola and Aegiali, which lie 25km (15mi) apart.

If you arrive in Katapola, just rent a car or bike, and head to one of the two villages:

  • Chora, centrally located in the middle of the island
  • Family-friendly Aegiali.


Amorgos streets
Wander around Chora's picturesque alleys which is blessed to be free of cars

Due to its position, Chora offers easy access to all the island and stunning views and

In true Cycladic style, the village of Chora is built on the top of a hill overlooking the island and is a photographers’ delight.

Wherever you look, you will be embraced by deep blue ocean views, bright Aegen light or star-filled skies at night.

Every single stone, brick, paint, and even plant seems to be taken care of.

The Chora OF amorgos is 100% car-freeeee

Amorgos cafes
Enjoy your breakfast at one of the many charming open cafes under the wine and bougainvillea

Wandering around feels like home should be, and I guarantee you will love the picturesque cafes for the morning refreshment and filo pastry or the bars and tavernas in the evening.

Aegiali village and bay

Amorgos's Aegiali beach
Rent a house close to the bay to live the original Greek Island dream

Located to the North, this is an excellent destination for families as it offers an ideal bay for swimming and relaxing, very laid-back feeling, and great food choices.

The highlight of Aegiali is the proximity to the beach. Having said that, you can actually rent a place directly at the bay, something that I recommend.

The village of Aegiali lies about 2.5km (1.5mi) uphill, and it is where you will head most of the time for dinner and ice cream.

Aegiali Amorgos
Picturesque cafes, perfect for a Greek coffee


On my first trip to Amorgos, in 2013, I met an American traveler in the ferry who shared a story that was to mark me for good.

This man was undoubtedly aware of the true essence of life.

He had bought a small house on Aegiali and would spend 4-5 months there every summer.

Oh, how I envied this person.

I have to admit that this very short acquaintance has influenced my life decisions quite a lot.

Best beaches of amorgos

1. Kalotaritissa

Kalotaritissa beach on Amorgos
Laid back feeling at the southern tip of Amorgos

Farthest south beach of the island.

Go there to escape from the world and feel like you are the only tourist on the island.

You will find shallow, safe waters inside an idyllic bay and a laid back beach bar (if it is open).

Great place to take kids as they will find many exciting activities, from jumping rocks, watching crabs, snorkeling to building sandcastles.

2. Agia Anna

Agia Anna beach of Amorgos
Agia Anna beach is the best for snorkeling

Located very close to Chora offering fantastic snorkeling and easy access to Hozoviotissa Monastery.

Hozoviotissa Monastery
Get in the Hozoviotissa Monastery through the tiny entrance that was built this way to keep the pirates out

3. Agios Pavlos

Agios Pavlos beach
Lay on the pebble beach of Agios Pavlos. On the other side is Nikouria island and beach

This is a must visit beach located in the middle of the island.

This pebble beach forms a point inside the sea and has shallow waters.

Also, there is a great cafe and restaurant right at the spot which can be handy.

You will LOVE this one.

4. Nikouria

Catch the fisherman’s boat from Agios Pavlos and get to the small island just in front.

In fact you can swim over if you are a confident swimmer.

Bring some food and a lot of water too.

From there, make sure to visit the Panagia chapel and the second Nikouria beach towards south.

5. Mouros beach

Mouros beach Amorgos
Walking down to the beach... no better feeling

If you are looking for excellent snorkelling and jumping from rocks then head to Mouros beach, which is a pebble beach on the East side of the island.

6. Aegiali beach

If on the other hand you are looking for a large sandy beach then head North to Aegiali beach.

7, 8. Maltezi beach and Plakes

This review would not be complete if it did not include Maltezi beach and Plakes.

You can access these by local fisherman’s boat right from Katapola village.

When to visit Amorgos

Due to its remote location, Amorgos is a summer destination, and most hotels and restaurants shut down for winter.

It gets pretty cool after November, and the winds can get very strong and uncomfortable, so I would not recommend visiting.

Best to visit from June to September

To enjoy Amorgos at its best, prefer anytime from April through October; however, if you mind swimming in cold waters, prefer June to September.

How to get to Amorgos
Port of Rafina to Greek islands

Since there is no airport on the island, the only way in is through the two ports of Katapola and Aegiali.

The most obvious connection is through the main port of Athens, Piraeus.

Two types of vessels go to Amorgos from Piraeus.

Both depart from Gate E7 at the Piraeus port.

  • Catamarans– 5hrs 50min
  • Ferries – 8hrs

But, you can also connect from the other Cycladic islands.

If you happen to be on another island already, then the best way is to head to a travel agency and ask for all your options.

In case you are looking for the fastest way in through a European city, then I would suggest you get a flight to Mykonos or Santorini and then catch the boat from there.

Buy Amorgos tickets online

To better plan your visit, check out the ferry schedule to Amorgos here.

We offer online bookings in association with our trusted partner FerriesInGreece.

Note that online booking is only possible 48hrs prior to departure.

Final words

I’ve written this post to inspire you, folks, who are planning your next Greek vacation.

The only tough part with visiting Amorgos is the long ferry ride, but I know many people who enjoy this, I included 🙂

Now, if you decide that you are willing to take this long ferry trip, I guarantee that Amorgos will charm you and that you will become a raving fan.

Needless to say that nowadays, the farthest a destination is and the toughest the road there, the more original and pure it will be.

Greece is full of surprises

While you are on this exquisite island, if you see anything exciting like a small beach, taverna, a climb, or whatever, just go for it and make your own experience.

I’ll be more than happy if you send me a comment later on so I can check it out myself.

Happy travels to everybody.

stone windmill on Amorgos
Stone windmill on Amorgos

What about yourself, what are your favorite parts of the island?

Share below; the other readers and I are looking forward to read all about it.

Find Amorgos on Google Maps

Amorgos is located in the center of the Aegean Sea

Amorgos on the map
Click to get redirected to Google Maps
Andonis was born in Athens and has lived extensively on the Greek island of Aegina. He is a passionate Greece advocate and loves talking about her beauties. Every single summer, he travels with his family to the islands and discovers new hidden spots, the likes of which Greece has in abundance.


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